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Antonia Arellano

Antonia was born in Guanajuato, Mexico in 1990.  She and her family migrated to the U.S. shortly after she turned 1 years old and have remained in Oklahoma ever since.  Her parents wanted to provide their family with a better quality of life in the “land of opportunity.”  Regardless of its imperfections, this is a country she calls home.  She obtained her GED in 2015 and, shortly after, started her own family.  Initially, she dedicated her time to taking care of her 2 boys and her family as a stay at home mom.

About 2 years ago, Antonia had the privilege to start working with Erwin Law Office as a legal assistant/receptionist.  She started with only minimal knowledge of immigration law, but little did she know she would end up fascinated with and loving the job so much.  It is not only about answering phone calls or greeting people, to her it’s true meaning is learning about the different countries people come from, their hardships, and the obstacles they had to overcome just to give their families a better life.  As an immigrant/DACA recipient, she knows about the immigration system being broken and how unjust it is, about how families are separated from their loved ones, the uncertainty about the future and not knowing if they will ever get to see them again.

Every small step in a client’s case is a big triumph for her.  Whether it’s receiving a receipt notice or a work authorization card through mail, it’s a step closer to reaching a successful conclusion.  The feeling is unexplainable, yet rewarding.

At Erwin Law Office, we are 100% committed and dedicated to handling each unique case and helping change people’s lives.  We work as a team, and we truly care about our clients and give them the best possible assistance that they deserve.  Antonia enjoys working for such an amazing firm, where she considers the firm her second family.

-“We are here to stay.”

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